Posted by: jackjohnston | February 12, 2010


Thank you for coming to my blog.  For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jacque Johnston. I grew up in Shubuta, Mississippi, a small town in southern Mississippi. That’s right…shoo bu’ ta . It is as interesting as it sounds, and I am proud to call it my hometown.   Shubuta, on the Chickasawhay River, is known by many as the “Town of Opportunity.”  It is famous for its artesian well water and peaceful living . After many years in the comfort of Shubuta, I went off to the University of Mississippi for college. It was then and is now, a long four-hour drive up Highway 45.
Education has always been my passion and how fortunate I am that it is my career.    I began my quest as an educator by first receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Education with a focus in Early Childhood Education.   I then ventured to Denver, Colorado where I gained valuable teaching experience in the public school system .   My experience teaching in Colorado included first grade, third grade, and summer camp.

Soon I began to miss  Mississippi,  so I returned to the University of Mississippi to further my education. While continuing my study in elementary education I was able to work as a graduate assistant.   I became the diagnostician and clinician at the Ole Miss Reading Center.   I earned a Masters of Arts in Education and a Specialist Degree in Education.

Now more than ever, I could not wait to get back in the classroom and apply what I had learned.   I soon found a wonderful teaching position at Leinkauf Elementary in downtown Mobile, Alabama.   Although teaching at Leinkauf Elementary was one of my earliest experiences as a teacher, I knew that the cafeteria food would be by far the best school food I would ever find . In fact, people in the neighborhood would walk over for their Gulf Coast cooking.

Currently, I teach in the Jones County School District, Laurel, Mississippi,  grades 2-6 gifted.   I look forward to going to work each day.   I am  extremely excited about teaching and learning and  its many opportunities.   I hope that you will interact and enjoy this blog.



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