Posted by: jackjohnston | February 13, 2010

Teachers and Technologies

There are many technologies available for teachers to use enhance learning. K. Walsh discusses 10 of these technologies that educators should at least know what they are and understand their potential, even if the educator is not using all of them in their teaching setting.

1. Video and Podcasting

2. Presentation Tools

3. Collaboration & Brainstorming Tools

4. Blogs & Blogging

5. Wikis

6. Social Networking

7. IM

8. Twitter

9. Virtual Worlds

10. RSS Feeds

Reading, 10 Internet Technologies that Educators Should Be Informed About, made me think about my particular educational environment and look at how these technologies could be integrated into our curriculum.


There are  restrictions to all students having these new learning opportunities.  There is a technical restriction.  Classrooms are not equipped with enough computers for student access.   Cultural restriction is another problem that interferes with technology integration in instructional settings.   With cultural restriction teachers are not actively encouraged to make technology an active part of the learning environment through, time for teacher training using the new tools and needed resources and support.  Hopefully the divide between those students and teachers with these instructional advantages and those without will soon lesson.

Definitions of  the technologies addressed in the article  with examples of applications appropriated for educational instructional environment encourages easy access for implementation.  While teachers cannot easily use YouTube in the classroom,  there is EduTube and TeacherTube dedicated to educators. Links suggests  how to use these applications  in addition to why they are important to education.   For example, Twitter included in the list of 10,  is linked to information on how to use it in an educational setting.

These technologies clearly have many benefits in teaching and learning for the classroom.  In fact , many of the technologies are already being used by students.  Informing and educating teachers on these technologies and allowing access to their usage  in the classroom would create a high interest learning environment for today’s students.



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