Posted by: jackjohnston | March 5, 2010

Assignment 2 SlideShare

SlideShare, the You Tube of Power Point as it is sometimes referred, is a Web 2.0 tool that can be used for sharing and discovery.  A SlideShare presentation can be converted to a slidecast simply by synchronizing slides with an audio file.  SlideShare is a free web application that can be used in numerous environments for communication and collaboration.  Since I am a teacher, my main concern is if and how I can use this tool to truly enhance learning.  I believe the answer is yes.  In a classroom setting, students could construct SlideShare posts that apply and integrate their learning.  Classmates collaborate through comments, as they use higher order thinking skills to critique and evaluate presentations.

In IT780, Dr. Yuen basically asked us to model this learning activity by producing a slidecast .  Here is the assingnment that was given:

You are required to select a “topic” related to this class. You will present to the class online using Your presentation should have at least 10 slides with audio.

Since this is my first recent course ( I took Computers in Education under Dr. Yuen about 13 years ago…a great class!)  in IT, deciding on an appropriate  power point / keynote presentation topic took some thinking.  Finally, I decided that Benjamin Bloom was a good place to start.  Since I had been researching technology and learning, I discovered Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and found it to be informative and interesting. Realizing that the objective of the assignment was to gain experience with SlideShare, I tried not to spend too much time on my research.  This was hard not to do because there is so much to learn about technology and teaching.

It took quite some time for me to complete all the steps required for creating and completing the SlideShare assignment.  I look forward to being able to easily work with this tool.  Probably the most difficult part was the synchronizing…..well, let me say so far.  I haven’t embedded the slidecast in my blog yet.  If I had not had Bronchitis while working on the audio part of the slidecast, it probably would have been easier.

Needless to say, it was a positive learning experience.  There has not been anything in this class that could be considered busy work.  Everything is so current and connected to the way technology is shaping teaching and learning in the 21st Century.

Here is my slidecast, “Why Bloom, Why Now”.



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