Posted by: jackjohnston | March 20, 2010

Assignment 3 Podcasting

Podcasting is something that I have wanted to know how to do for some time. In fact, when I would look around the internet and see teachers Podcasting I would feel so behind the times. That is one reason I enrolled in IT780. As a result of this decision I am spending as much time as I can, learning as much as I can about technology and learning___as fast as I can.

The task for our third assignment in IT780 was to create and post a Podcast related to the curriculum in our area. I was so relieved when I was finally finished with the assignment. Everything that I read and hear says that Podcasting is simple process. Dr. Yuen gave complete instructions during our face-to-face class and additional information and resources on our class web site about Podcasting. Nonetheless, it seemed like I worked on this assignment for three weeks.

Now that I look back on the situation, I probably spent most of my time deciding what to “do” the Podcast on. That decision had to be just right for my unusual teaching environment and I think that the decision made is one that will be successful.
I decided to create a classroom Podcast. I wanted to create something, if possible that I could apply and continue to use in the classroom. This Podcast will be a series that students not only share content, but they will react/respond to content. Students will also learn how to create a Podcast.

Podcasting is going to be a great way to expand the learning environment of my students. There are so many ways that Podcasting is relevant to education. It will address the students different learning styles and will be highly mobile. My students love to perform. Podcasting will be a great opportunity for them to share their learning experiences though performances. Hopefully, parents will have the ability to access the Podcast on the web. I really look forward to experimenting with what I think to be a tool that will make the students learning experience authentic and personally meaningful.

I am confident that the next episode of Podcasting will be easier like everyone promises. There were just several things that I had to get worked out that I prematurely let frustrate me. At the same time my computer was not staying connected to the internet. First, my Ocean account was not activated…we all (IT Tech) thought that it was. Next, my computer was not compatible with WinSCP…I panicked, and, I was forgetting to type http.
Thankfully, a classmate saved me from a nervous breakdown and worked things out for me. Next time I Podcast, which will be next week, I think it will work the first time.
Here is Episode 1 of Starcast.



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