Posted by: jackjohnston | April 28, 2010

Assignment 4 Wiki

In IT 780, Assignment 4 was to form a group with no more than 3 classmates, and create a Wiki using Wetpaint. We were free to select any topic or theme. A wiki is a website that allows for easy creation and editing of web pages using a web browser. The term “wiki” comes from an Hawaiian word which means “fast”. Wikis are open-ended and collaborative in nature. Information can be gathered, shared, organized, or used to produce a product. The content can be edited by anyone who has access to it. Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, is the most famous wiki.

Jonathan Woodward and I formed a group for this project. Jonathan had already been thinking about a topic or theme for the wiki assignment. His idea was to create a place where men could collaborate about getting in and out of the “doghouse” with their wife or girlfriend. I agreed. However, at first I thought this is really going to be difficult since the site is for men. I was so wrong. The key to getting started with Doghouse Solutions was looking at it from a woman’s perspective. Once I did that, the ideas just kept on coming.
It was fun working with a partner online to create this assignment. I pushed myself to keep up, because I did not want to disappoint my classmate. In my opinion, this is just one of the many benefits of wiki in the classroom. It seems to me that a wiki project would create a sense of responsibility for most students. It was fun going to the site to see what changes and additions my classmate had made. As we continued to work on Doghouse Solutions, I could not figure out where Jonathan was getting access to his editing tools. There were tools that I needed, but they were not available on Wetpaint. Finally, about the time that the project was due, I realized that I did not have access to the tools because I was using Safari for my web browser. This was a lesson learned.

In conclusion, I plan on using wikis as a tool for learning in my classroom. Both teacher and student can create content for the wiki. I think that students will enjoy interacting online using wikis to collaborate on research, class projects, and a number of other activities. Wikis involve active learning for students as they create, synthesize, evaluate, problem solve, and share information with their audience.



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  2. First, let me tell you that your Wiki is just too fun! What a great idea! You ended up with many more items that the assignment really called for, so I hope you guys scored an A.

    As I was viewing your site and scrolling through it, the most annoying part of WetPaint got in the way. Apparently, I rolled over an ad and ended up on another site — and I couldn’t get the back button to take me back to the Wiki! I thought about using WetPaint in the class I teach on campus, but the ad stuff is exactly the nonsense that will keep me away. Of course, the ads are not your fault and I don’t blame y’all for the problem. Just venting about what I don’t like about WetPaint. Too bad they couldn’t have unobtrusive ads like Ning. Of course, maybe they would be charging for their site as well!

  3. Jackie,

    Howdy partner! This assignment was a blast. You were so much fun to work with on this, and I agree that the strength that each of us brought to this specific project was our different point of view.

    In the end, this site is whimsical but has some good pointers as well, which mostly came from you. I look forward to working on more wiki sites and employing the use of wikis in classes that I teach.

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