Posted by: jackjohnston | May 1, 2010

Assignment 5 Mobile Web Site

A look around in almost any environment, there is evidence that mobile technologies are growing in popularity. Wireless devices allow the consumer to talk, text, capture, send, view, and listen. This technology includes: smart phones, personal digital assistants(PDAs), portable game devices, portable media players, MP3 and MP4 players, tablet PCs, and laptops. Fortunately, these technologies are being embraced by people of all age groups and in many walks of life. Mobile technology is changing the way we live and interact in almost every aspect of our lives. Educators are starting to explore the educational values of wireless technologies in teaching and learning environments. Recently, I read that the Mississippi Department of Education is offering an online course, Cell Phones as Learning Tools . This progress is encouraging, especially considering that cell phones are band in many K12 settings. Mobile learning (m-Learning) is not intended to take the place of traditional learning, but rather one component of a complete blended learning solutions. M-Learning enhances learning success as it makes learning available anywhere, anytime though a wide range of online opportunities. I think that sound m-Learning opportunities can do much to enrich learning and increase access to learning.
For our next assignment in IT 780, the task was to create and design a mobile Web site using mobiSiteGalore. The mobile site needed to have at least five items on the menu bar. I decided to build a mobile site for my classroom. This seemed like a great way to communicate with parents valuable and relevant classroom information, which would be available anytime, anywhere. The mobiSiteGalore Demo Movie was very helpful in constructing my site. Since first creating my site, I have returned to mobiSiteGalore to make some additions and do some editing. This tool is not too difficult to use. I enjoyed creating the following mobile website for my classroom and I hope that it will benefit my learners. I also look forward to learning more about m-Learning and its many promises for enhancing learning.



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  2. I can see how the mobile site would be a big help to parents, who need more ways to monitor their children’s school work because they are just so busy themselves. It would be so handy to just quickly check the mobile site when you pull in the garage each night so you could find out what you need to ask little Johnnie about when you get inside. Of course, kids will likely hate it — they would just as soon have parents in the dark about homework! Of course, it would give them another argument in support of having their own cell phone just to check on their homework!

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