Posted by: jackjohnston | May 2, 2010

Online Presentation Web 2.0 Tool GlogsterEDU

I first read about when I was researching top Web 2.0 tools. Later when I discovered, I knew that I had found a Web 2.0 that would be a great learning tool for my students. GlogsterEDU is designed for students and educators to access web-building tools to create virtual posters called glogs, using text, images, audio, video, links, graphics and more in a safe environment.
The site was designed for teachers to use with their students. On this site, the teacher can protect the privacy of the students’ work. The tool presents educators the opportunity for discussion and feedback. In addition, the teacher has control over the content being used and can monitor what is being created and edited by students. GlogsterEDU is free and once you register and activate your account, you can add up to 200 student accounts. After you register students, GlogsterEDU sends you a list of students with their passwords.
GlogsterEDU is teacher friendly and of course student friendly. It is a very flexible tool to use in your classroom. . Anything that a student can create on a poster or paper, they can create on a glog with web-building tools. This interactive poster creating site opens up a whole world to students. It reaches across the curriculum and addresses higher level thinking skills. In addition, students are able to instantly publish their work. However, only teachers can make glogs public for others to view.
GlogsterEDU is fun to use and has many educational benefits. My students are very excited about opportunities to work on their glogs. It is a great motivator for students. Here is the Slideshare slidecast which gives an overview of GlogsterEDU, which I presented for my IT780 class.



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  2. I am intrigued with this Web 2.0 tool. Do the students ever print out these posters to hang on the walls or are they really just online posters? I can envision that students who already understand the concept of creating a poster for a presentation would really love this. Science fairs will never be the same!

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