Posted by: jackjohnston | May 2, 2010

Overall Reflection IT 780

It is hard to believe that I am at the point of writing a final reflection for my class, IT 780 Seminar in Instructional Technology. This course in Instructional Technology has opened a door to new world of learning. I knew that the rewards would be great from taking this class, but actually they are much greater than I could have possibly imagined.
The course was a hybrid class which assists today’s learners meet their many obligations. Online class several times this semester, allowed me to coordinate work and family related responsibilities, notwithstanding the responsibilities to my engagement in IT780 learning opportunities. Meeting face-to-face was something I always looked forward to. The instructional time was always extremely interesting and beneficial. Dr. Yuen is a great teacher and I feel very fortunate to be one of his students. It was also fun to be face-to-face with my IT 780 social networking online peers and friends. I enjoyed the hybrid class style of schedule that was exercised in IT 780.
From the first class meeting until now, I have been working diligently trying to learn as much as I can, as fast as I can. This could be partly because the subject matter is so interesting, and one thing leads to another, so I am constantly wanting to dig deeper.
Its appears that Dr. Yuen has created a learning environment in which students are actively constructing their own learning. He has modeled a teaching style that can be applied to variety of educational settings. This style recognizes the changes in learning that have evolved from emerging technologies and the advancements developed to enhance learning.
Having access to an educational social networking site allowed for learning anytime, anywhere. The site provided a wealth of current materials to investigate and apply in learning. Complete information was explained on the expectations of course requirements. Reminders and updates about assignments were frequently posted. This online place was used for students to post questions that were addressed by classmates and Dr. Yuen. Also, as students’ work was posted comments and discussions followed that created online interaction among classmates which lead to greater learning. A “sense of community” emerged.
The assignments required for the class were all tools that I can apply to my K12 teaching setting. Podcasting was the most difficult assignment that I encountered. It is hard to pick a favorite assignment, but it sure is fun being able to pull up my mobile web site on my wireless. Which brings me to my thoughts on m-Learning. I think that m-Learning will develop as a key component of our educational environment for a number of reasons. One reason is because wireless phones are so popular and most people have them in their hands. The possibilities seem endless.
Overall, IT780 was a very positive and encouraging experience. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be involved in this learning experience and I look forward to continuing my study in Instruction Technology and Design at The University of Southern Mississippi.

Reference for Chapter Readings:
Yang, Harrison Hao & Yuen, Steve Chi-Yin. Collective Intelligence and E-Learning 2.0: Implications of Web-Based Communities and Networking. Hershey, Pa.: Information Science Reference, 2010.



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  2. I, too, found that most of what we learned about can be applied in college settings, which is where I now teach and will continue to teach. If high school hadn’t been so traumatic for me (nerd group, the skinny, smart girl with the funny glasses), I would be envious of students today and the experience public education must be.

    BTW, all your blog posts are thorough. As I read them, I realized that I never did explain the assignment in detail. I imagine in a few semesters (or maybe even next week, haha) I will no longer remember the parameters and or even the assignment itself. If I have time after the term is over, I may edit the posts to make sure the assignment is clarified, especially if someone else (like a potential employer) is trying to view it. Excellent job, Jacque.

  3. Jackie,

    Echoing the comments of Kaylene, your blog is very thoughtful in the way it describes each assignment. You recounted the steps involved in accomplishing the assignments and offered your personal insight as well. This summative blog is no exception.

    I found it interesting that you focused on m-Learning in your final analysis. I agree that this mobile environment will continue to expand rapidly over the next few years.

    It has been a pleasure to be in class with you this semester, and I look forward to the second part of this saga.

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